Brent & Jade Harrison

Brent & Jade Harrison

As a life-long musician,  Brent has spent many years involved in the music industry and ministry, starting at the age of 15. Through the years, he and his wife, Jade, have visited and served in many small churches.  However, they have noted a trend in churches having difficulty finding the right team to provide in-house, quality worship music.  With each of them growing up in "small-town America," Brent and Jade have a heart for the rural church. They believe that God has and wants to do great things in the country.  Their calling to contribute led to the vision of Covered Worship Services.

For years, generations of Harrisons have sung in church, in southern gospel quartets, and even live on the radio. At an early age, Brent began to follow in his family’s footsteps and has continued that tradition.

Brent was not only exposed to gospel music but country music as well. When he heard Randy Travis’ debut album, The Storm of Life, for the first time, there was a huge connection because it was as if the two musical styles, he had grown up with had been fused together.

Brent chased a career in country music and even appeared on the TV show, Star Search. He moved to Nashville and worked hard to land a record deal but was unable to fulfill his dream.

Brent returned to church ministry and began to lead worship. For the 8 years, he served as worship leader/youth pastor/associate pastor in multiple churches. He has led worship now collectively for 17 years

Each song fuses his love of hymns, worship, and country music to provide a familiar, yet fresh experience in each service. “I believe God put me in both genres for a reason. Not everyone cares for just mainstream praise and worship, but there is a huge need for authentic ‘vertical worship in every church.’ I love the foundational truth in the hymns. Also, I believe that hymns are important to our faith, and they allow our hearts to become more permeable when we mix that foundational truth with an intimate worship experience.” 

Jade also grew up in a rural church located in the Florida panhandle. She taught VBS and GAs for many years. She also sang in the choir as well served on several mission teams from her local church. She taught children's bible studies and was a member of the praise team at a new church plant in Tennessee.

She and Brent led an online small group and she was the church social media coordinator for some time at a previous church. Jade has a heart for ministry and loves to reach out to ladies face to face or in a text to encourage them. She is gifted with words and has even written original songs with her husband.

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